Let’s Italian!


Following your requests we can create bespoke lessons to help you achieve your learning goals.

We have a practical approach and our tutor will teach you Italian mimicking real life situations and not just plain old grammar!

We believe the acquisition of a new language is more natural and effective if it is strictly connected with a concrete purpose.

We consider language learning as a tool for personal-development : your passion for learning about Italian culture and history will help you succeed.

Depending of your level and availability, you can also participate in our workshops, guided tours or meet up events.

We all know how hectic life can be in London, so if you don’t have time you can always request a Skype lesson with your teacher !


3 thoughts on “Let’s Italian!

  1. Really glad I found this company. The lessons are really relaxed and enjoyable. My tutor plans the lesson to my individual ability. I always feel challenged and like I am adding to my knowledge and understanding.


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