Terms & Conditions

1. Prices as stated in our Price List for courses conducted at the agreed premises are subject to change with prior notice to the following payment.

2. Each Course is sold in 5, 10 or 15 Session Module and full payment must be made 1 week before commencement date to secure the assignation of our Teacher.

3. The cost and discounts are stipulated depending on the amount and length of the lessons and published on our website.


5. Day, time and location will be set at the beginning of the module in agreement between the student and Let’s Italian. Any request to move or change this agreement must be accepted by Let’s Italian 24 hours before the date of the lesson.

6. Cancellations must be noticed at leas with 24 hours in advance to your tutor, otherwise the session will be charged; lessons can be always moved, minding this 24h notice, from one day to another in the same week settling this with Let’s Italian.

7. The course could be stopped in the middle of a module for 3 weeks for holiday or personal reasons but after 3 weeks of break (consecutive or alternate) the module must be finished as scheduled; any lessons not completed thereafter will be forfeited.


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